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  Products :
  General :
  GPS 495, 496, Head sets
  VHF/L-Band,VHF/UHF, L/Band,Satcom,Telemetry,X-Band and Bomb jammers, Cellphone intercepter,High tech Mobile Phone Monitoring Device.
  High speed alternators,power supply and Transformers.

Ground power units.

  Test Equipments
  • Hydraulic Test Sets
  • Fuel System Test Sets
  • Flight Computer Test Sets
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Spectrum Analysers
  • Fibre Optic

Tooling for Engine and airframe for the
C130- T56 Engine and the P3.

AN_FPS-85 Spacetrack Radar   AN TPS-79   AN_FPS-88   ANTPS-75
Master T   MPR   RAT-31 DL   RAT-31 SL
RRP-117   S-723   S-743-D   TRD-1211
TRS 2215            
And also MPDR 45 and MPDR 90
AN/TPQ-36   AN/TPQ-36
AN/SPQ-9B   AN/SPS-48E   AN/SPS-49   AN/SPY-1
APAR   CTD   JRC/Radar 3000   LW 08
SMART-L   SMART-S   TRS-3D   Variant
Aircraft Lubricants-Greases-chemicals-sealants-oils etc Electronic equipment and breakdown components Hardware and Fastners,seal,Bush Raw material-steel alloy-metal 
 Alouette   Alouette II   Alouette III   Lama
Puma   Super Frelon   Super Puma   Bell AH-1 Cobra
Bell AH-1 Super Cobra   AH-64 Apache   RAH-66 Comanche (with Sikorsky)   CH-46 Sea Knight
CH-47 Chinook   Sikorsky UH-3 Sea King   Westland Lynx   Westland Sea King
MI-8,MI-17 Russian